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Every now and again the status quo of the traditional music genre is changed by
enigmas that dare to go against the grain. Arthur Coates & Kerran Cotterell are one
such duo that are carving out a name for themselves with their unique style, rooted in
Quebecois traditional music fused with songs from around the British Isles and North
America. Their creative choices and syncopated melodic rhythms are a testament to
their talent and great synergy. The multi-instrumentalists and vocalists are making
music that is thoughtful, conscious, and driven by a desire to motivate, inspire,
comfort, and spread love and joy to all those that hear it.

Arthur Coates is an acclaimed UK award-nominated musician who began playing the Violin
at the age of 7. He later attended the ‘Aberdeen City Music School’ where he studied
Violin and Piano. Arthur eventually found his calling for Quebecois traditional music
which he continues to chase. Currently, he pivots as an in-demand session musician for
both his skills as an accompanist and as a fiddler, He has also toured with several
projects and had notable credits on various albums and productions. He released his
debut solo album ‘Focus’ in June 2019, a project that heavily featured original

Kerran Cotterell is an energetic and melodic Guitar player who leans on his vast and
varied musical experience to create timeless works of art that are refreshingly unique
but are still deeply grounded in traditional folk music. He is an Oxford University
graduate who studied as a choral scholar under director Jeremy Summerly, and has
garnered plaudits having performed on the main stage of the Cambridge Folk Festival,
as well as the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall.

Touring together since their fortuitous crossing of paths in 2018, Arthur and Kerran
produce a one-of-a-kind sound that exhibits not only their versatility and prowess but
will surely pave the way for the varied expressions of their musical ideas and
artistic craft. Featuring a combination of singing and contrasting melodic incursions
from various instruments, including Fiddle, Guitar, Bouzouki & Foot Percussion, as
well as borrowed influences from other genres & traditions, their new show ‘Trapdoor
to Hell’ offers a sound that is often surprising to the ear but still remains true to
the roots of traditional music.

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It is highly unusual for five musicians bearing vastly different cultures, ages and musical backgrounds to take to the stage in such a cohesive group, however this is the calling card of the ‘Across : Fiddlers Collective’!

Together Breton fiddler Gab Faure, Shetland/Quebecois fiddler Arthur Coates, Canadian fiddler Emily Yarascavitch, English/Irish fiddler Owen Spafford and Irish guitarist Niall Hughes explore the melodies, new and old, of their respective traditions.

This fresh approach both investigates the similarities, contrasts and nuances of these different traditional musics, while staying true to the roots of each.

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