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Arthur Coates & Kerran Cotterell are carving out a name for themselves with their unique style, rooted in Quebecois traditional music fused with songs from around the British Isles and North America.

Their creative choices and syncopated melodic rhythms are a testament to their talent and great synergy.
These multi-instrumentalists and vocalists are making music that is thoughtful, conscious, and driven.

They excite, motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love and joy to all those that hear them.

Arthur Coates, from Insch in Aberdeenshire, grew up surrounded by his parent’s love of folk music from Shetland.

The in-demand session musician and UK award nominee studied Fiddle and Piano at the Aberdeen City Music School where he realised his calling for Québécois traditional music.

He released his debut solo album Focus in 2019 and in 2022 released a follow up Trapdoor to Hell.

Kerran Cotterell, originally from Matterdale End in Cumbria, is an energetic and melodic Guitar player who leans on his vast and varied musical experience to create timeless works of art that are refreshingly unique but are still deeply grounded in traditional folk music.

He has garnered plaudits having performed on the main stage of the Cambridge Folk Festival, as well as the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall.

Together, Arthur & Kerran produce a versatile mix of sound through instrumentals and song featuring various instruments, including Fiddle, Guitar, Bouzouki & Feet Percussion.

They create a sound that is often surprising to the ear but still remains true to the roots of traditional music.

New Album - Music for Cows

Music for Cows - Arthur Coates & Kerran Cotterell - digital cover low res.png

Arthur and Kerran have created an album that takes every bit of their musicality and moulds it together into an unforgettable, unique monument of their musical partnership.

While some tracks take a clean, modern sound and carve elegant, crystalline structures that shimmer and dance in the light of contemporary trad, others hop aboard the blues train and take a whistle stop tour of the Quebecois traditional music line. Their songs range from those which are complexly introspective and enigmatic, to those which exude joy and an energy sure to get feet tapping and crowds singing.

Arthur and Kerran have created an album that takes every bit of their musicality and moulds it together into an unforgettable, unique monument of their musical partnership.

Standout tracks include Tired of Me, which encapsulates a lean towards both Blues and Western Swing, For the Ducks, which shows a more tender side to their music, The Fiddle & the Drum, features, for the first time, twin vocals in harmony, and upbeat instrumental Les Coe-boys de la Mer showcases ‘bon vieux temps’ Québécois fiddling built for dancing!


The album was recorded in February and March 2023 at Arthur’s own CLOUDN9NE Studio.


Arthur said: “Music for Cows is definitely a step ahead for us! The title of the album came to us during a phone call about just that, I don’t remember who coined it. I was quite taken with it when I realised that we could use it as the punchline to a joke about our music not being fit for humans!”


“This is also a very special record for us because finally after five years of playing music together we have a record that represents, not only what we can produce musically, but what we stand for as a duo!” said Kerran.


Arthur and Kerran will play a virtual concert for Live to Your Living Room on Sunday 28th January as well as their album launch on Friday 16th February at The Green Note, Camden.

Music for Cows will be available to buy on CD and stream and download on all major digital platforms on Friday 16th February 2024.


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